I want to tell about my beautifull city and this tour place. My city is Solo. Solo is bigs town in Central Java. Solo well known clean, beauty, and orderly. Solo well known such friendly member. Solo own abundant tour places. They are Keraton Solo, Keraton Mangkunegaran, Jurug, Tawangmangu, Candi Sukuh, Sangiran, Klewer, and Taman Sriwedari.

We can pupil a culture in Keraton. They are dance, manner system behavior and that other’s. Tawangmangu very fresh and this is a beautifull waterfall. In Tawangmangu the air very cold and clean. Tawangmangu at saying with Grojokan Sewu. Close to one other found is Candi Sukuh. That is well known too. When we want to see a fossil we can go to a Sangiran. In Sangiran found fossil ‘ Phytecantropus Erectus’ and fossil tusk elephant.

If we want to see a zoo, we can go to Jurug. Jurung is a animal’s park in Solo. In Jurug there are so many animal’s such as lion, snake, crocodile, Merak bird, hind etc. In Jurug not only protect animal’s but also it is a park.

The traditional market in Solo is Klewer. In Klewer we can buy enithing with a cepper price. But it must buying on the for greather.


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